Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Men Need Not Apply

South Korea's Samsung operations in China are coming underfire for alleged sexual discrimination. An advertisement for positions at Samsung specified applicants be female and also be free of any communicable diseases. Chinese laws forbid any discrimination based on gender, and also states that refusing an applicant employment because of pathogens is illegal.

Here's the poster below:

The argument defending Samsung's questionable hiring practices in China is that, obviously, they don't know about the laws in place. This information comes at a time when Samsung is now under review for inhumane practices at their factories. The Samsung plants are accused of employing underage children, forcing long hours of work, and withholding pay.

The good news is, both American and Chinese labor watchdogs are confronting the situation. Let's hope these practices change for the better, though sadly, there are so many factories with inhumane working conditions in China that it will take a mammoth effort to usher in quality working conditions for the employees.

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