Monday, July 23, 2018

Five Key Employment Law Issues Facing the Health Care Industry in the US

A comprehensive article looking at upcoming issues in US employment law pertaining to the healthcare industry.
Employers in the health care industry are dealing with a growing number of employment law challenges. In this edition of Take 5, we identify the key issues confronting health care employers and discuss how to manage these challenges.
First, as health care employers continue to face a rise in the number of workplace violence incidents, we examine measures to address and curb these incidents. In addition, in light of the fact that health care employers are increasingly vulnerable to allegations of False Claims Act violations, we identify the steps that employers should consider when responding to resignation letters alleging health care fraud. We pinpoint the employment law risks that buyers should recognize and assess during the due diligence process as well as the restrictive covenant issues to consider in health care transactions. Finally, we focus on the data privacy and security requirements under Europe’s new privacy law and the steps for complying with these requirements.

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